Cycling in New Zealand

Cycling is popular in New Zealand, although not so much as an everyday mode of transport. Few New Zealanders use a bicycle as a means of getting to work, mostly because they believe it too dangerous. The problems are the same as in other countries: not enough cycling infrastructure and too little separation from mainstream traffic.

adventure-1622269_960_720In New Zealand road racing, top-class cyclists compete in national tours and the UCI Oceania Tour. The UCI Oceania Tour is dominated by Australia and New Zealand, though riders from Fiji and Guam also take part. A series of one-day and multi-day events are held, with competitors fighting for overall victory in individual, team and national categories.

Track cycling is also a popular sport in New Zealand. In the Rio Olympics of 2016, the men’s national sprint team narrowly lost to Great Britain in achieving a silver medal. The same team took a gold medal at the 2017 UCI World Cup, defeating Germany in the final at Los Angeles. In women’s track cycling, Sarah Ulmer achieved great success by becoming the first New Zealander to win a cycling gold medal at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games.

Cycling for Fun in New Zealand

Far from the madding crowds, there are countless roads and trails to explore in New Zealand, whether you’re on a mountain bike, cyclo-cross bike or road bike. You’ll want to avoid New Zealand’s highways where possible.

A lot of the best cycling New Zealand offers is in the less-populated South Island. The roads are quieter and safer there. Road cyclists who don’t mind climbing will enjoy riding over the stunning Crown Range and will be rewarded for their effort with breathtaking views.

For sturdier bikes and fatter tires there are countless cycling trails to explore in New Zealand. The 120km (74.5 mile) West Coast Wilderness Trail offers beautiful views of glacial rivers, lakes, rain-forest, snow-capped mountains and the untamed Tasman Sea.

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